Contributing guidelines


Before reporting an issue, see if a similar issue is already open. Also check if a similar issue was recently closed — your bug might have been fixed already.

To have your issue dealt with promptly, it’s best to construct a minimal working example that exposes the issue in a clear and reproducible manner. Make sure to understand how to report bugs effectively and how to craft useful bug reports in Python.

In case of bugs, please submit full tracebacks

Wrap verbatim example code/traceback in fenced code blocks, and use the preview function!

Many thanks from the maintainers!


To install a developmental version of the project, first fork the project. Then:

git clone
cd lucit-backtesting
pip3 install -e '.[doc,test,dev]'


Please write reasonable unit tests for any new / changed functionality. See backtesting/test directory for existing tests. Before submitting a PR, ensure the tests pass:

python -m luct-backtesting.test

Also ensure that idiomatic code style is respected by running:

mypy luct-backtesting


See doc/ Besides Jupyter Notebook examples, all documentation is generated from pdoc-compatible docstrings in code.

Pull requests

A general recommended reading: How to make your code reviewer fall in love with you. Please use explicit commit messages. See NumPy’s development workflow for inspiration.